What is a baby nurse?

 Baby nurses are non-medical professionals that are committed to helping provide for all aspects of a newborn’s well-being and care. Whether the mother chooses to breast or bottle-feed, the baby nurse works with the newborn and mother to make sure all nutritional needs are being met. A baby nurse helps the baby and the mother adjust through the difficult “fourth trimester.” The baby nurse typically comes the very first night the baby and mother come home from the hospital and assists the parents on a regularly scheduled basis 

How soon should I reserve my baby nurse?

Because we book up quickly, we recommend meeting with us early, even if you are still considering whether or not to use baby nursing services. 

What if I need a baby nurse now?

 Not a problem! We try to allow some flexibility and open space in each of our nurse’s schedules to allow for such situations. 

How long should I plan to use a baby nurse for?

 We recommend having your nurse come the very first night home from the hospital to help with everyone settling in. After that, look at your needs and your budget, and try to spread out your baby nurse care as long as possible. For instance, if you want to use a nurse for 14 days, instead of scheduling straight for two weeks, use your nurse for the first five nights and then do every other night after that. Some families have used us for as short of a period as 2 weeks, others will request services for up to 1 year. Once you no longer require a baby nurse and would like a nanny, please contact us about our nanny placement services. 

Why does a mother who is breastfeeding need a baby nurse? Won’t the mother still be getting up to f

  A baby nurse is crucial to a breastfeeding mother’s rest because the nurse will get the baby ready for the feeding and bring the baby to the mother. The baby nurse often sits with the mother while she breastfeeds either for assistance or company. During that time the baby nurse will also be glad to go get anything the mother might need. When the mother finishes feeding, she can go back to sleep, while the baby nurse burps, changes and puts the baby back to sleep. A large portion of our referrals come from breastfeeding moms. 

What duties are NOT the baby nurses' responsibility?

 Your baby nurse is not responsible for babysitting, cleaning or doing laundry for your older children. She is there for the constant care and attention of your newborn. Her duties outside of physically caring for the baby specifically pertain to caring for the newborn such as: cleaning the bottles and breastfeeding supplies, straightening the nursery and keeping all baby care areas stocked. By law, we are not allowed to file or cut the baby’s fingernails or toenails.